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Bring you and your work to picture-life so you can share your brand and your services on your website, social media and portfolio. Give your clients, guests, customers and followers a peak into the magic of your services & offerings.

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$60.00 per hour

consult, set-up & yyc travel fee
$60.00 per location

editing upon request

 $60.00 per hour

hairstyling & make-up available

Edina Antoinette
Edina Antoinette
Edina Antoinette
Edina Antoinette


This shoot captures artists, creators, makers and healers in action. Be captured in all your authenticity doing what you love to do, in whole, entire moments & with the very little, special details that make your craft what it is. It's your vibe and the energy you bring to your craft that we're looking for, your natural brand, that's what we want to highlight and share.
These sessions can capture single and multiple artists as well intimate shots. Artists and Makers include but are not limited to hairstylists, barbers, painters, potters, planters, variety of aestheticians, yogi's, energy workers, chefs, bakers, scent and product makers and all craftsmen. All people and all of their art forms are celebrated here. 



This shoot captures any and all individuals in their own unique and organic glory. You never have to worry about how to stand, where to look or what to do, you can be guided into your authentic flow every step of the way. You can also choose to direct and guide your session to create photos that suite your vision. And of course, more flow and less direction is always welcomed to allow the natural rhythm of a moment be captured. There are no restrictions here, a little of everything can be incorporated to make the most of this creative time.

Edina Antoinette
Edina Antoinette
Edina Antoinette
Edina Antoinette


Have you built a business or an event and want to capture the magic of the space? There is something special about capturing still and action shots of entire spaces. Your business/space can be captured while it's operating or when the doors are closed. You can mix in shots of your business with your personal shots and get a little of everything all in one. 
Live Event shoots are also available. Every photographer is unique, what they see and how they catch moments of magic. Our particular niche is in the small details of conversations, in preparation, in intimate moments, in the sparkling details of the space.



Hairstyling and make-up services are available for ease and affordability for individual photoshoots. 

Please note for precaution during Covid-19, only the application of make-up is offered - clients must provide their own cosmetics.



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Edina Antoinette
Edina Antoinette
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